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When seconds count

Good user experience is not measured by the number of clicks, but by user-friendliness. And that affects your business success. That’s how you benefit twice: increased employee satsifaction and better productivity!

The perfect UX

Simple and intuitive design with a modern “Look & Feel

iOS, Android or desktop

Responsive design for all devices with no additional development necessary

Cloud & on-premise

We offer both (cloud and local installation) versions to our customer to ensure maxmium flexibilty


Our product already enjoys great popularity and trust among a large number of customers. Take a look at our success stories to learn more about the application possibilities.







Features & Functions

Our converter enables the transformation of your ITSmobile standard interface in the RF framework in both SAP EWM and SAP WM (Stock Room Management) without any intervention in the technical infrastructure. It is compatible with existing and future SAP UI technologies. Thanks to the low data transmission, consistently stable performance is not a challenge.

Next Level UX

… modern, clear-cut and simple UI-design in only 10 minute for your entire SAP EWM.

Happy employees

… and you meet the constantly growing demands of customers and employees today and in the future.

Performance to fall in love with

... with high-performance, simple and clear-cut interfaces, your employees enjoy their work and are more productive - no matter where and with which device.

Good User Experience pays off

... the SAP EWM RF UI5 Converter is available as a one-time license or as a rental model - it is definitely worth it.

Simplify your mobile SAP dialogs in just one day

With the introduction of SAPUI5 and Fiori, SAP laid the foundation for a future-proof and uniform interface across all SAP products. SAPUI5 (SAP user interface for HTML 5) is a modern interface that allows users to access business processes in the SAP system via a browser. The focus is on intuitive usability. Employees do not notice whether the application is running locally, in their own data center or in the cloud. The uniform interfaces guarantee that all SAP processes – whether in the warehouse, in production or in accounting – are harmonized and that every employee has access to their applications regardless of the end device.

With the UI5 Converter, we have developed a solution that automatically converts existing mobile dialogs based on SAP ITSMobile to SAPUI5 within just 10 minutes. Existing applications are thus transferred to a uniform standard from SAP, user-friendliness is significantly improved and input errors are reduced to a minimum.

The UI5 Converter creates a responsive user interface. Annoying adjustments to the dialogs depending on the screen resolution and the hardware used are thus eliminated. Whether on a mobile scanner, a tablet or a computer and regardless of iOS, Android and Windows – the generated UI5 dialogs are always displayed optimally.

Errors cannot be avoided when working, all the more the system should draw attention to the errors and offer the employee a dialog that fits perfectly. The generated dialogs can be further optimized by the customer himself with just a few clicks. Unnecessary fields can be hidden, texts on the masks can be adjusted, and the colors and size of the buttons and fields can be changed.

One of the biggest challenges for companies is the introduction of software and the associated IT effort. We take this worry away from you, because we can assure you that a fast and smooth implementation will take place – and that in just one day.
How does this work? – By reducing the effort of your IT issues both in SAP (harmonized system landscape) and on the end devices (no industry browser/client required). As a result, our solution reduces IT costs in your company in the long term.

Our Latest Update Version 2.1

The new UI5 Converter version 2.1 is out now with the following new functions and features

Optimize your screens quick & easy with the UI5 Converter Wizard

Use our Generator Cloud Service

Show all attachments to an object on the device

Zoom function for a better user experience

UI5 Converter Demo

UI5 Converter Clips

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