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UI5 Converter

Innovative interfaces with modern, clear and simple UI designs in just 10 minutes for your complete SAP EWM/WM.

converted SAP EWM RF Page

How it works

Transform your applications effortlessly with the UI5 Converter, seamlessly bringing them into the browser within minutes. Elevate the user experience, harness cutting-edge technology, and tailor your applications to meet the unique demands of your company, whether they're SAP standard or in-house developed. Upgrade now to unlock a world of enhanced performance and adaptability.

Set up in one day

The best user experience

100% SAP standard

Certified by SAP

Customized optimization

Maximize process efficiency with the UI5 Converter's automatic generation. Easily tailor texts, remove unnecessary elements, and seamlessly incorporate the device camera, all achieved effortlessly with a few clicks and absolutely no coding required. Revolutionize your workflow with unparalleled ease!

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End devices



Success Stories

Emulate the success of Bosch and DB Schenker, discover how the UI5 Converter can elevate your mobile working experience. Uncover the strategies used by industry leaders to boost productivity and streamline operations.

Conversion of the ITSmobile application to the new UI5 design

Areas of application

Regardless of whether you work in the warehouse, in production, in quality management or in field service, mobile working is becoming increasingly important in everyday life. Until now, SAP's ITSmobile technology has been used to bring these applications to the browser. However, the usability no longer quite meets current standards and the technical possibilities are limited.

Therefore, effortlessly convert your standard SAP ITSmobile applications. This includes the RF framework in EWM and WM, along with your unique ITSmobile interfaces, all efficiently into UI5 for enhanced functionality.

Full integration

Create a consistent look & feel across all mobile interfaces and make it easier to switch between different applications. Seamlessly integrate the new UI5 apps into your SAP Fiori Launchpad.

With the UI5 Converter, you also have the option of integrating functions of the end device. From scanning barcodes and using the device camera to integrating a signature pad, many things are possible thanks to UI5.

Full control

With the UI5 Converter, you retain control over your apps - the processes and adjustments to the business logic remain as usual in the SAP and ABAP environment and the generated UI5 app is open for your customizations.

Make yourself independent with the UI5 Converter: Seamlessly switch end devices thanks to responsive interfaces, use your favorite browser and keep your logic in the SAP standard.

When seconds count

Good user experience is not measured by the number of clicks, but by user-friendliness. And that has an impact on your business success. With our UI5 Converter, you benefit twice over: increased employee loyalty and better productivity!

Update version 2.1

Version 2.1 of the UI5 Converter is now available and offers the following new functions and features

  • Optimize your interfaces quickly & easily with the UI5 Converter Wizard
  • Use our Generator Cloud Service
  • Display all attachments of an object on the device
  • Zoom function for a better user experience


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